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How to play Time Extended


1 - Countdown
  • Game ends when the Countdown reaches zero.

2 - Time Gauge
  • Destroy enemies to fill up the time gauge.
  • Countdown increases when the time gauge fills up.

3 - Power Meter
  • Power can be released when meter status is Ready.

4 - Enemies
  • Collisions against enemies and bullets deduct time from the countdown.

5 - Player
  • Press button 1 to shoot.
  • Press button 2 to release power.
  • Power multiplier: Use power to destroy enemies and multiply score points x200.
  • Caution: Releasing power deducts time from the countdown. Use it wisely!

6 - Player's Score
  • Score is Bronze when it makes it to the local top 5 high scores.
  • Score is Gold when it's the highest local score.
  • Bronze and Gold scores can be uploaded to the online scoreboards.
  • Local scoreboard can be optionally synced with online scoreboards.

7 - High Score.
  • Beat the high score!


1 - Extreme Mode Multiplier
  • Keep the countdown below 10:00 to multiply score points (x2, x4 or x8)

2 - Extreme Mode Gauge
  • Keep the countdown below 10:00 to fill up the gauge for bonus chain points and blue dots.

3 - Time Bonus
  • Blue dots are exchanged for time bonus at the end of the stage. Don't miss them!

  • Release power to keep the countdown below 10:00.
  • Release power in the right place at the right time to combine Extreme Mode Multiplier and Power Multiplier.